There is One Vision
To Revolutionize the digital future of retail
There are stages of progression
And then
There are visionaries
Inviting CxOs, Senior VPs, Disruptors and Visionaries in Retail to drive MISSION RETAILSINGULARITY
Mission RetailSingularity
RetailSingularity visionaries will visualize how the future of retail is going to shape into, keeping 2 core objectives in mind:
Reduce the distance between consumer's wish and its fulfillment
Provide equal basic rights to access consumer intents
RetailSingularity visionaries will closely engage with Brands, Manufacturers, Consumers, Retailers, Social Media Influencers and Regulatory Agencies to understand and minimize protruding present day frictions and also to access the progress that retail industry is making towards the age of RetailSingularity.
Today, human race leads a life which was hitherto unimaginable to earlier generations. In the coming years, the pace of change will accelerate exponentially with the advancement of technology. And sometime in the near future, machine intelligence will supersede human intelligence, eventually leading to Singularity. RetailSingularity is all about designing the future of Retail as mankind approaches Singularity.
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